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Smoked & Seared Prime Rib

Today we’re upping the ante a few notches with something a little more gourmet: Smoked & Seared Prime Rib.

Prime rib isn’t an everyday cut of meat – it’s a little pricey and takes some time to prepare. But for that special occasion where you’re looking to impress, prime rib is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

This recipe keeps the seasonings to a minimum – only garlic, salt and black pepper – and leaves the magic to the power of the smoker. Slice and serve on a wooden cutting board for a delightful looking centerpiece to your BBQ table.

You will need:

3 bone prime rib

Olive oil

Course black pepper


1 whole garlic clove

Apple juice


Rub olive oil on the prime rib.

Cut into the rib, placing slices of garlic cloves into each cut.

Rub over with salt and pepper.

Place prime rib on the indirect (noncharcoal) side of the grill. After about an hour spray on some moisture.

Monitor the internal temperature: rare 120-125°F, medium-rare 130-135°F,

medium 135-140°F, well-done 145°F+.

Move smoked rib to the direct side and sear.

Let the rib rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing.

Slice and serve!