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Summer in a Champagne Flute

On today’s menu is Cream Cheese Mousse Flutes, a delightful dessert that is perfect for a morning brunch or long summer afternoon. This mousse recipe is light and refreshing, combining the strawberry sweet with the lemon tart to create a delightful summer dessert.

Garnish with crushed pistachios and mint leaves for an added touch of taste and class.

Norman’s Dairy is known for their extensive lines of yogurt products, catering to a wide variety of consumers in the yogurt eating community. Their newest product, Norman’s Cream Cheese, only recently entered the market, and has been hailed by food critics for its flavor, texture and consistency.

You will need:

8oz cream cheese (room temperature)

½ cup confectionery sugar

1 lemon (juice and zest)

8oz strawberries

2 cup heavy cream

Toppings (optional)


Mint leaves



In mixing bowl beat cream cheese and sugar on medium speed until combined. Separate into two bowls.

Zest and juice one lemon and add to one cream cheese mixture.

Puree strawberries with a hand blender and pour into the other half of the cream cheese mixture.

In a large mixing bowl beat the heavy cream until soft peaks form.

Add half of the whipped cream to the lemon mixture and the other half to the strawberry mixture. Fold until combined.

Scoop each mixture into separate piping bags. Pipe strawberry mix into a glass ¾ of the way and top with lemon mix.

Garnish with crumbs or nuts and serve!