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Charles Viancin Silicone Lid

Charles Viancin Silicone Lid


SKU: 849606034015

These small 4 inch Daisy Lid’s silicone suction lid & food cover (set of 2) seals tight on all smooth rims: stainless steel, glass, plastic, melamine. Prevents spills, the Daisy Lid creates an airtight, watertight seal for reheating and storing.

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  • Description
    • Food grade silicone; BPA free
    • Unique design fits on any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot, including glass, ceramic, wood, and more.
    • Reusable silicone means no more wasting or struggling with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
    • Creates an air-tight seal to keep food fresh for longer and seal in heat during cooking.
    • Safe at high temperatures to help prevent stove-top splatters and retain steam during cooking
    • Prevents spills by creating an air-tight, water-tight seal around any rounded surface.
    • Microwave safe silicone material allows for quick cooking, steaming, and reheating.
    • Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe
    • #3401
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    Aqua, Pink, Yellow


    11", 9'