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ElBee Silicone Glove/Oven Mitt Set of 2 EB-624

ElBee Silicone Glove/Oven Mitt Set of 2 EB-624


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These silicone gloves are waterproof, so they can be cleaned with a rinse or by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth or sponge.

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  • Description
    • The extra soft, breathable lining in these kitchen gloves adds heat resistance and allows you to wear them comfortably without sweating. A fabric hook for hanging included.
    • Heat resistant up to 450 degrees F, they can be used when cooking or grilling as pot holders, or to place hot pots and pans on top of.
    • The textured design on the surface enables you to better grip and grip items without slipping, or using them as counter and tabletop protectors. The gloves are 11.5″ long and 7″ wide.
    • #EB-624