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ElBee Silicone Ice Tray

ElBee Silicone Ice Tray


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The ice cube trays are great, creates the perfect size ice, allowing for slow melting, preventing your classic cocktail on the rocks, whiskey, non-alcoholic beverages, water, or whatever your drink of choice is from becoming watered down.

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  • Description
    • These ice cube trays are multipurpose, great for achieving the right portions of baby food, broth, cooking wine, herbs, spices, sauces, stock or juices. Additionally, these ice molds can also serve as chocolate molds, soap molds or as a holder for finger paints.
    • These ice cubes pop out easily from the flexible square silicone ice cube tray. Once the ice cubes are frozen push out one cube at a time directly into the glass There is no need to touch the cube itself. Your guests will thank you. 
    • This ice cube tray measures approx. 7.2 x 2.9 x 4.3 inches producing 15 perfectly sized cubes. Ice square cubes are ideal for bringing an elegant look to any glass, tumbler or any other drink-ware you use. These ice cubes are a fun way to jazz up your lemonade pitcher.
    • #EB-613