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Satco J-Type Short 150w Halogen Bulb 120v S3481

Satco J-Type Short 150w Halogen Bulb 120v S3481


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  • Halogen lamps deliver a crisp, white light, not only is the quantity of the light greater than a standard incandescent of comparable wattage, but the quality of the light creates a higher contrast for reading and other tasks this also makes halogen perfect of display, accent and general lighting. Standard incandescent lamps and halogen lamps both use tungsten filaments. However, the filament in the standard lamp evaporates over time, causing it to weaken and eventually break. The gasses inside halogen laps allow the evaporated tungsten to find its way back to the filament and redeposit, ensuring a long life of 2,000 hours or more. All of our halogen lamps are dimmable and can be used in conventional incandescent dimmers.

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    Satco 150 watt LED bulb generates as much light as many 100 watt incandescent bulbs. Rated for enclosed fixtures No lead or mercury means easy and environmentally safe disposal Very long life – Rated to still put out 70% as much light after 25,000 hours of operation as it does when brand new, Do not “hot swap” this bulb. Turn off fixture before replacing existing bulb.